We help companies map customer journeys and craft beautiful experiences

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Usability & Prototypes

We use iterative user-centered design frameworks to validate your user, identify customer journeys, and create usable, intuitive, and memorable web experiences.

Data Visualizations

We love data and finding  compelling patterns in big data. Work with us today and we’ll help you create visualizations that communicate the story or sell an idea.

Workshops & Consulting

We conduct ideation workshops that set your team up with a design toolkit. Or hire us to help refine your product strategy and identify market opportunity.

Other Projects

When we are not busy helping our customers achieve great things, we spend time building our own stuff. Here are two works in progress.

Pawsome City

Pawsome City was created to celebrate the Indog (the Indian street dog). It will also act as a resource center for rescue organizations, veterinarians, and more dog love!

Feminist Geekdom

Feminist Geekdom is a series of podcasts created to celebrate people who work towards spaces and societies that are all inclusive, where anyone can work, live, and play without discrimination.

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